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Long Live To Our Homeland!!
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connection Alsharg ahlia College announces the end of the examinations for all specialties on Thursday, October 25. Note that on Saturday October 27 is the first day of study for students to speed up registration. . At its meeting No. 09/2017 Graduate Studies Committee The cumulative rates for the first and second semesters of MBA students allow the third batch . Alsharq Alahlia College announces the introduction and registration of postgraduate programs in the following majors: Master of Business MBA - Master of Economics - Master of Accounting - Master of Information Technology - Higher Diploma in Accounting - Higher Diploma in Information Technology. . Alsharq ALahlia College congratulates the successful students in this year's high school certificate and the previous years and announces its programs for admission to the following: First: Bachelor programs 1 - Medicine and Surgery 2. Honors in medical laboratories 3. Information technology 4 - Administrative Sciences 5-English language 6. Law 7. Economy and banks Second: Diploma programs 1- Diploma in Information Technology 2. Diploma of Accounting .

Latest Activities

The First Information Technology Exhibition:

On Monday(25/5/2015)the opening of The First Information Technology Exhibition which was an addition to the college campus had been held under the approval of the Respected Dr Harun A.Issa The Dean of College and the staff..

Lecture on selection of an appropriate exam

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The annual meeting of trustees council:

On Saturday Dec-09-2017 evening the trustees annual meeting was held at Alsharg Alahlia college, under the leadership of Dr.Muatasim , He have recommended the massive growth in the several aspects the academic development and the other activities especially on the scientific research .


Important Announcement

Webometrics Rating

Registration for Higher Diploma and Masters :

Our college announces the beginning and registration for Higher Diploma and Masters in the faculty of Information Technology from the day 03/13/2016 till 25/03/2016. Those who are interested are requested to register for it as soon


Many Congratulations!!

Published on 19.11.2016/08:44AM

Praise be to God that His grace is righteous.. The family of Alsharg Ahlia College conveys their warmest congratulations and blessings, to their colleague - Mr.Musaab A.Alrahman Omer on the occasion of receiving his PhD in Law from the University of Elzaeem Azhari on 17/11/2016..

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Important Announcement

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College congratulates the students for their success in the SSC exams in 2015:

The College community congratulates to all the students for their success in the Sudanese, Arab and foreign certificate exams,for this and the previous years and it proudly welcomes you.