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Long Live To Our Homeland!!
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connection The College community congratulates to all the students for their success in the Sudanese, Arab and foreign certificate exams,for this and the previous years and it proudly welcomes you .


I am delighted to welcome you to AlSharg Ahlia College website. I hope to convey the passion and enthusiasm that both staff and students bring to all that they do here, making our College such a wonderful place to learn.
Founded in 1996, as a College we have a strong focus on student academic progress and achievement.Students work in an environment where they are stretched and challenged and have their expectations raised to achieve demanding targets. This is proved in the latest results where our students have done exceptionally well. Such success is a result of the partnership between the College, the students and parents . I am very proud of the exceptional body of teaching staff we have working within the College, engaging the students in a wide range of exciting learning opportunities.

Firstly Bachelor:

1- General Bachelor in Administrative Sciences (four years), and is divided into the following disciplines:
(Accounting, Business Administration, Marketing)
2- General Bachelor in Economics and Banking Studies, and is divided into:
(Pure Economics, Banking Studies)
3- Honor Bachelor in Law (four years)
4- General Bachelor in English Language and Literature (four years)
5- General Bachelor in Information Technology (four years)

Secondly Diploma:

1- Diploma in Information Technology (three years)
2- Diploma in Accounting (three years)
3- Diploma in Banking (three years)
Also, the college grants Higher Diploma and Masters degree in the following fields:
1- Administrative Science (Accounting, Business Administration)
2- Economics


The college aims to be distinct in its performance and programs, according to the international standards and the highest levels of overall quality, to achieve creativity, and make the change, and create human cadres capable of competing and excel globally.


College is committed to provide students with experience of educational learning highest attainable quality and provide a comprehensive base of academic and professional programs levels, and promote personal, social and professional development of students, and enrich the knowledge and contribute to the social, economic and technical progress the local, regional and global community, and to contribute in the social and local community particulary in Kassala State.


The college aims to achieve the following objectives:
1- resettlement of education for all those who are willing , by meeting their conditions locally instead of travelling to other States.
2- innovating technical programs aimed at the development of community and Kassala State in particular and Sudan in general.
3- Concern in Scientific and Applied research associated with the needs of society and upgrading it.
4- developing trends of modern Scientific methods in the fields of education, in order to prepare qualified educational leaders.
5- concern in the human development and consolidating religious values .
6- at last but not the least, setting distinguished students through the development and modernization of the curriculum.


Thank you all for visiting us.
With warm regards ,
( Dr.Harun A/alla Eisa Mohammed )
Principal, AlSharg Ahlia College