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Long Live To Our Homeland!!
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connection The College community congratulates to all the students for their success in the Sudanese, Arab and foreign certificate exams,for this and the previous years and it proudly welcomes you .

Vice Dean's Speech

AlSharg Ahlia College adopts in continuous development as a key objective in the strategic plan of the college and aspires the college to achieve its mission that interest the student to come on top of its priorities and to provide high-quality education and outstanding scientific research reaching to the international standards through innovation and looking forwards prosperity and progress through its various programs (Higher Studies - Bachelor - Diplomas) which ensures the graduation of trained staff capable of innovation and achieve leadership in their areas of specialization and the leadership of their communities..
I thank you for visiting our website and it's always a pleasure to communicate with you.
( Dr.Eissa Omer Ahmed Ali )
Vice Dean - AlSharg Ahlia College