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Long Live To Our Homeland!!
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connection The College community congratulates to all the students for their success in the Sudanese, Arab and foreign certificate exams,for this and the previous years and it proudly welcomes you .

The Graduates Affairs :

Introduction :

The Management of the graduates affairs is considered as one of the important departments that deal with all the activities and events of interest to the college graduates after their graduation and their lives until the end of the process of providing support and training and creating relationships connecting various institutions graduates, as this administration means to update the data and prepare the graduates periodic statistics. The Department is also concerned with coordination to organize seminars and workshops offered by the college graduates and administration proposals and provide advice to the graduates regarding job and training to conduct personal interviews and other activities .

Importance of Graduate Affairs Management :

• update lists of graduates and the renewal of their information regulary
• create a network connection between graduates through traditional and modern means of communication
• assisting graduates in finding chances to continue their higher education through guidance and advise
• modifying the information of graduates like that in names and nationalities and other basic information after graduation, in accordance with the rules and provisions.

Graduation data model :

Name of Graduate :

College ID

Batch :

Graduation Year :

Field :

Current place of work :

Job :

Current Address :

E-mail :

Phone Number :

Personal Photo :

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