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Long Live To Our Homeland!!
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connection The College community congratulates to all the students for their success in the Sudanese, Arab and foreign certificate exams,for this and the previous years and it proudly welcomes you .

The Secretariat of Scientific Affairs:


- admission and registration of students in the various specialties of the College
- the establishment of scientific conferences and to participate with various universities and institutions within and outside Sudan in the scientific and academic activities
- provide academic and scientific assistance to the members of the faculty and staff of various areas of education
- the graduation of students and giving them various scientific grades Diploma - Bachelor - Short Courses

Duties and Disciplines :

- follow-up and supervising the acceptance and registration of students and preparing statistics of academic performance on a regular basis
- supervision of the examination process in accordance with the regulations of the college
- publishing the annual academic calendar and supervision of all publications related to college
- handing over the standardized college ID to the new comers and letters of transfer from and to college
- linking the college with the general administration for admission to private and foreign education
- the work of the Secretariat of the scientific councils

Terms of reference of the Scientific Council:

- granting academic degrees and vacation after the exam results by issuing rules and encouraging for research , authoring and publishing
- recommendation on holidays and new curriculum
- recommendation on training the staff to enhance their performance
- recommendation to the Board of Trustees to establish infrastructure for programs of study
- meeting of Scientific Council at least thrice a year at such times and places determined by the head and has the right to call for any emergency meeting

The Secretariat of the successive Scientific Affairs :

1- Prof. AlSamani Abd-El-Mutlab Ahmed 1996
2- Dr.Haroun A.alla Eisa 1998
3- Dr.Al-Sit A.alla El-Fadul 2010
4- Dr.Mohammed Suileman Hissen Amiri 2010