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Long Live To Our Homeland!!
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connection Discuss supplementary research for MSc students in Science in Accounting Second Batch The discussion of supplementary research for MSc students in Science in Accounting Second Batch as follows: Sunday, 04/08/2019 at 7 am 1 - Mustafa Mohammed Mousi 2 - Mutawakil Adam Mohammed 3 - Names of Abu Bakr Mohammed 4- Abbas Haj Ahmed 5 - Mubarak Bashir Ismail Monday concussion 05/08 \ 2019 at 7 am 1-Amir Abdul Rahman Abdullah 2 - Eve Bakri is protected on me 3 - Mohammed Suleiman Isaac 4 - Abu Bakr Mohsen Khalid 5 - Abdul-Abd Al-Razzaq Mohammed Tuesday, 06/08/2019 at 7 am 1 - Marwa Mutawakel Jalal 2 - Raja Mohammed Saeed 3 -- Real Adel 4 - Abel Omar Dardiri 5 - Marwan Ali Osman 6- Abdul Qader Ahmed Mohammed . Alsharg ahlia College announces the end of the examinations for all specialties on Thursday, October 25. Note that on Saturday October 27 is the first day of study for students to speed up registration. . Dear Gentlemen, The College Administration announces the completion of the study as of Tuesday 20/8/2019 for all payments. We also state that the exams will be held on Thursday 5/9/2019. We will inform you that the library is open to students. The research students can meet the supervisors in the college and thank you. . At its meeting No. 09/2017 Graduate Studies Committee The cumulative rates for the first and second semesters of MBA students allow the third batch . Alsharq Alahlia College announces the introduction and registration of postgraduate programs in the following majors: Master of Business MBA - Master of Economics - Master of Accounting - Master of Information Technology - Higher Diploma in Accounting - Higher Diploma in Information Technology. . Alsharq ALahlia College congratulates the successful students in this year's high school certificate and the previous years and announces its programs for admission to the following: First: Bachelor programs 1 - Medicine and Surgery 2. Honors in medical laboratories 3. Information technology 4 - Administrative Sciences 5-English language 6. Law 7. Economy and banks Second: Diploma programs 1- Diploma in Information Technology 2. Diploma of Accounting . Announcement to all students The College of Civil East announces the cancellation of all exams for all students for an unspecified term. Thank you and appreciation . Announcement to all students The College of Civil East announces the cancellation of all exams for all students for an unspecified term. Thank you and appreciation .
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In the light of the reality of Higher Education and Scientific Research, we find that the time has come to harness all efforts and energies possible to upgrade this reality , depending on the large and vital role of this college in the promotion of various sectors of society in all levels by contributing for effectiveness in the construction of knowledge-based society and the consolidation of respect for science and scientists, from the values and principles derived from the heritage of our civilization, and in order to progress to the level of ambition in line with the progress that the world currently enrolled.

About AlSharg Ahlia College

AlSharg Ahlia College is one of the Higher Educational Institutions, which subjects to the regulations and laws of the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research.The college was founded in 1996 and is headquartered in Kassala. It comprises four sections that are, Economics, Department of information technology, Law, English Language and Literature Administrative Sciences and is divided into at Specialization (Business Administration, Accounting). Also, the college offers continuous Education and vocational training ,and has a semester system, which is distinguished from other systems of regular academic calendar which helps to remove the burden of study. The students put all the effort in every new semester, and according to the regulations and laws of the Ministry of Higher Education, which encourages students to adapt and interact with all the academic, artistic and social activities ideally.

Vision and Message :

The Vision :

The college aims to be distinct in its performance and programs, according to the international standards and the highest levels of overall quality, to achieve creativity, and make the change, and create human cadres capable of competing and excel globally.

Message :

College is committed to provide students with experience of educational highest attainable learning quality and provide a comprehensive base of academic and professional programs levels, and promote personal, social and professional development of students, and enrich the knowledge for the contribution to the social, economical and technical progress of the local, regional and global community, and to contribute actively in the local community in Kassala State Development .


The college is working to achieve the following objectives:

1/ to confirm the identity of the nation through programs offered by the college.
2/ resettlement of education for all the willing and meets the conditions locally instead of nomadic other States.
3/ technical innovation programs aimed at the development of Kassala State community in particular and Sudan in general.
4/ interest in scientific and applied research related to the needs of the community to upgrade it.
5/ development trends of modern scientific methods in the fields of education, in order to prepare qualified educational leaders.
6/ interest in the development of human development and the consolidation of religious values issues.
7/ setup outstanding students through the development and modernization of the curriculum of all that last.

Geographical Location

Geographical Website

AlSharg Ahlia College is located in the state of Kassala, away from the city of Khartoum, about 600 kms, this city mediates the states of Gedaref and Red Sea, and linking them by way of national, is this city, expressing also president of the State of Eritrea, and is famous for its tourism and agriculture, our East Group Alsoata companies Rashidi heavy mechanisms southern entrance to the city.