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Long Live To Our Homeland!!
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connection Discuss supplementary research for MSc students in Science in Accounting Second Batch The discussion of supplementary research for MSc students in Science in Accounting Second Batch as follows: Sunday, 04/08/2019 at 7 am 1 - Mustafa Mohammed Mousi 2 - Mutawakil Adam Mohammed 3 - Names of Abu Bakr Mohammed 4- Abbas Haj Ahmed 5 - Mubarak Bashir Ismail Monday concussion 05/08 \ 2019 at 7 am 1-Amir Abdul Rahman Abdullah 2 - Eve Bakri is protected on me 3 - Mohammed Suleiman Isaac 4 - Abu Bakr Mohsen Khalid 5 - Abdul-Abd Al-Razzaq Mohammed Tuesday, 06/08/2019 at 7 am 1 - Marwa Mutawakel Jalal 2 - Raja Mohammed Saeed 3 -- Real Adel 4 - Abel Omar Dardiri 5 - Marwan Ali Osman 6- Abdul Qader Ahmed Mohammed . Alsharg ahlia College announces the end of the examinations for all specialties on Thursday, October 25. Note that on Saturday October 27 is the first day of study for students to speed up registration. . Dear Gentlemen, The College Administration announces the completion of the study as of Tuesday 20/8/2019 for all payments. We also state that the exams will be held on Thursday 5/9/2019. We will inform you that the library is open to students. The research students can meet the supervisors in the college and thank you. . At its meeting No. 09/2017 Graduate Studies Committee The cumulative rates for the first and second semesters of MBA students allow the third batch . Alsharq Alahlia College announces the introduction and registration of postgraduate programs in the following majors: Master of Business MBA - Master of Economics - Master of Accounting - Master of Information Technology - Higher Diploma in Accounting - Higher Diploma in Information Technology. . Alsharq ALahlia College congratulates the successful students in this year's high school certificate and the previous years and announces its programs for admission to the following: First: Bachelor programs 1 - Medicine and Surgery 2. Honors in medical laboratories 3. Information technology 4 - Administrative Sciences 5-English language 6. Law 7. Economy and banks Second: Diploma programs 1- Diploma in Information Technology 2. Diploma of Accounting . Announcement to all students The College of Civil East announces the cancellation of all exams for all students for an unspecified term. Thank you and appreciation . Announcement to all students The College of Civil East announces the cancellation of all exams for all students for an unspecified term. Thank you and appreciation .


Under the global system of information , knowledge and technical progress the world has produced a number of modern global trends in education and the importance of participating in it is that Alsharg Ahlia College found the need for the presence of an effective information system for the College to be a part of the global system of information on the Internet. And IT operations constitute an important aspect of organizational and educational processes altogether, which is one of the main priorities of the College of Excellence and to improve the academic and administrative performance level so as to consolidate the values , objectives, policies and strategies for the college. And to achieve this and to take advantage of information technology , the college management has established an IT Unit that follows the administrative office of the college dean by hiring all the resources of modern technology and use them to serve the educational and administrative process altogether.
IT Unit works to provide the infrastructure for information technology, which is based on modernity and innovation, and is characterized by a high degree of quality, safety, reliability, and working to support educational processes through the provision of operation and maintenance of high-performance educational systems be available to all users in a safe and an easy way. The unit also provides training services to faculty, staff and students of the college through the design and implementation of various courses and training programs for the college staff and students to use electronic systems


We look forward to be the best source to provide services and solutions for information technology.
We hope Alsharg Ahlia College to be distinct both locally and regionally by hiring the latest means of information and communication technology in the provision of services to support the educational process , scientific research and the community, and to achieve leadership and excellence through the digital and knowledge system according to a comprehensive quality and international standards.


In the Unit of Information Technology we seek to provide the best services and solutions with regard to information technology in all the administrative , research and educational operations to raise the level of performance and satisfaction of their employees and to improve the quality of IT services provided to employees of the college and the ouside community through the development of programs and convenient information systems that can be applied , managed and used effectively and efficiently to support the processes of learning , education and scientific research inside and outside the college to keep up with modern technological developments and knowledge dissemination of information technology among all the levels , using the latest IT technologies.

Values :

The Unit is followed by a set of values :
secretariat - distinction - innovation - responsibility - transparency - credibility - teamwork - continous training .


Information Technology Unit aims to keep up with all the new information , Engineering , Professional and Applied programs to achieve the following objectives :-
1. developing the infrastructure for information technology system and communication in college and it's employment to support all the activities.
2. Design, build and manage electronic systems to operate, according to the international standards to convert the work activities of the college of conventional performance to E-performance to support decision-making.
3. provides secure IT system for conformity.
4. automate academic and administrative operations in the college, consistent with E-government programs.
5. improves the quality of electronic services for all employees of the college.
6. cope with the rapid development in the field of technology and information technology.
7. the development of the use of information technology and communications in teaching and learning processes in the college.
8. provide excellent services in the areas of information technology and communications in outer society.
9. qualified teamwork in the field of IT and communication .
10. evaluate of performance and the services provided by the Information Technology Unit for their beneficiaries.
11. supervision ,follow-up and implementation of projects related to information technology within the college.
12. provide technical support and training of cadres in government institutions in the framework of the college's commitment to social responsibility