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Long Live To Our Homeland!!
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connection Discuss supplementary research for MSc students in Science in Accounting Second Batch The discussion of supplementary research for MSc students in Science in Accounting Second Batch as follows: Sunday, 04/08/2019 at 7 am 1 - Mustafa Mohammed Mousi 2 - Mutawakil Adam Mohammed 3 - Names of Abu Bakr Mohammed 4- Abbas Haj Ahmed 5 - Mubarak Bashir Ismail Monday concussion 05/08 \ 2019 at 7 am 1-Amir Abdul Rahman Abdullah 2 - Eve Bakri is protected on me 3 - Mohammed Suleiman Isaac 4 - Abu Bakr Mohsen Khalid 5 - Abdul-Abd Al-Razzaq Mohammed Tuesday, 06/08/2019 at 7 am 1 - Marwa Mutawakel Jalal 2 - Raja Mohammed Saeed 3 -- Real Adel 4 - Abel Omar Dardiri 5 - Marwan Ali Osman 6- Abdul Qader Ahmed Mohammed . Dear Gentlemen, The College Administration announces the completion of the study as of Tuesday 20/8/2019 for all payments. We also state that the exams will be held on Thursday 5/9/2019. We will inform you that the library is open to students. The research students can meet the supervisors in the college and thank you. . Alsharq ALahlia College congratulates the successful students in this year's high school certificate and the previous years and announces its programs for admission to the following: First: Bachelor programs 1 - Medicine and Surgery 2. Honors in medical laboratories 3. Information technology 4 - Administrative Sciences 5-English language 6. Law 7. Economy and banks Second: Diploma programs 1- Diploma in Information Technology 2. Diploma of Accounting . Announcement to all students The College of Civil East announces the cancellation of all exams for all students for an unspecified term. Thank you and appreciation . Announcement to all students The College of Civil East announces the cancellation of all exams for all students for an unspecified term. Thank you and appreciation . Alsharg ahlia College announces the end of the examinations for all specialties on Thursday, October 25. Note that on Saturday October 27 is the first day of study for students to speed up registration. . Alsharq Alahlia College announces the introduction and registration of postgraduate programs in the following majors: Master of Business MBA - Master of Economics - Master of Accounting - Master of Information Technology - Higher Diploma in Accounting - Higher Diploma in Information Technology. . At its meeting No. 09/2017 Graduate Studies Committee The cumulative rates for the first and second semesters of MBA students allow the third batch .

Achievements of student activity:

Published on : 20.01.2018/07:40AM

- The city of Port Sudan, the capital of the Red Sea State, witnessed the launch of the sixth student innovation activities of the universities of the eastern sector (Kassala - Gedaref - Red Sea) in various competitions and cultural and sports activities in preparation for the national participation in the center. Higher education and scientific research on the establishment of such activities and competitions in order to enhance the spirit of communication and brotherhood and acquaintance between students and their different composition and create a promising generation and conscious and creative in various fields and the establishment of qualified staff through extra-curricular activities, The most important is the reconstruction of minds, thought and creativity.
This window has been dedicated to the Faculty of Oriental Civilization, Kassala State ... This is an edifice of art, science and creativity, as it continues to provide a cultural and social movement that sharpens the motivation, elevates the sanctity and elevates the aspirations ... To be one of the employees of this college, which is still graduating Artala from the creators in all areas of life. Perhaps what prompted me to sing this award is to distinguish the students of the Faculty of Oriental Civil and their harvest and access to most of the first cups and medals that were prepared to deliver the first competition. Assad in this regard In the sports activities, the first and second place in the 100 meters, the first in the 200 meters, the first in the javelin throw, the second in the throw and the second in the relay, Second place for the cup of strong athletics and table tennis activator. The college won the second place at the level of the universities and colleges of the eastern sector. In the football player, the college champions played the final match against the host league (Red Sea). Hottest The third place and such cups and medals have been harvested by the College every year and not new to its students to lead the sedition of creativity in my beloved country ... Youth motivated by the spirit of belonging to the college and the love of the activity they do and the great harmony among themselves and their appreciation for each other is the reason for their excellence and the secret Their success and excellence ... and what makes you surprised that it does not show them walking behavior no matter what justification justified and accept the other with respect and appreciation and the spirit of athletes, who do not know Almkhashna and youth ... All that excellence was not to come out of the void was headed by qualified professors and features The success and excellence of this kidney I will dedicate this space to Dr. Yousef Abdul-Kareem Al-Adan, who distinguished the tender and the connection and attention to the students and their concerns and to meet their ambition to individualize a space to compete among the students inside the college and create a cultural atmosphere that will prevail Love and harmony between them ... Dr. Youssef Abdel-Karim that I talked about here will not give him the right to full ... Not a flattery and not flattery but the testimony of the right to a man who worked tirelessly in support of cultural and sports activity in order to upgrade the College and lead the sidewalks of colleges And universities The result was, as we have seen, and we have seen most of the prizes, trophies, medals, and the Arab ideals: (From a cinderella) Congratulations to you, our son and the college This great victory Dr. Youssef ... We were happy despite the distance and the lack of participation due to circumstances beyond the will but our joy now as if we were in the heart The event ... Congratulations to young people have been on the challenge and bet and confidence in them is not limited by the limits ... Young experienced in the arts of creativity, innovation, keep up and perseverance ... Greetings to you individually and students and greetings to the supervisors of your order under the chairmanship of Dr. Sadat) Commander of the Guard I am aware of the unknown soldier ... and who shares with you the concern and joy for a moment ... Kono as the covenant with you are intertwined brothers ... reflect the positive behavior and good morals of the eminent edifice of the East (the College of the Civil Society) and before that and that state Kassala generosity to be the whole Sudan a fortress and a bond We are waiting for you, God willing, to rejoice together. Your victory and your victory are a source of pride for us and the addition of a wealth to the College ... Perhaps writing in such situations will be insoluble ... The phrases and vocabulary will be narrowed and narrowed to the height of your position and the elevation of your position. You have voluntarily made the impossible and made it possible by your will ... Today is yours Tabbou on the forehead history certificate of excellence and uniqueness and the legs have become a machete on the cheeks of the Sudanese universities and deserve the necklaces on the necks of your generosity and edition ... Conclusion ... All the pride and pride in you generation of tournaments and glories.
By: Mohammed Omar Ahmed Al-Mistawi Fourth Faculty of the East